Saturday, November 8, 2014

400 Caring, Concerned Central KY Neighbors Walk

     "Over the past 10 years, we have ended hunger for over 100 million people. We will not stop walking,
and we will not stop working until hunger is erased."
Rev. John McCullough, CEO/President Church World Service, in his step-off message to us.
      Approximately 400 caring, concerned Central KY neighbors walked in solidarity on a warm, sunny Sept. 28th for all of our sisters, brothers and children in KY struggling with hunger and poverty and for all those around the world suffering the dire outcomes of hunger and lack of access to clean, safe water.

      We were delighted to welcome many new 'faces' representing new churches and organizations.  Joining our mission were Walkers from East 2nd St. Christian Church, many youth from KCMC-CYF (KY Christian Missionary Convention- Christian Youth Fellowship) with their director Juanita Greene, St. Michael's Episcopal, St. Andrew's Episcopal, Twin Pines Christian, Greater Liberty Baptist, Transy Students, Suburban Women's Club, Highland Baptist-Louisville, Southland Christian and Consolidated Baptist.  Total 27 churches and 3 organizations!

      The Dime Collection Kick-off was a success!  Nearly $560.00 collected over the summer.  Kudos! to 1st Presbyterian Church in Winchester for collecting $105.00.  YES!  Do begin collecting DIMES for 2015...a few have already started, including me. :)  This is a superb, visual awareness and educational tool; especially for our children and youth.  Just having the collection bottle in view reminds all of us of our many blessings! 

      Abundant thanks!, Stacey Stone for coordinating the Youth Poster-Making Rally in early Sept. and the educational stations along the Walk.  Rev. Johns and youth from 1st Christian Church, Winchester, Rev. Sara and 2nd Pres. Youth, all the UUC members that played the drums, sang to us AND presented a station, God's Pantry, and the One Campaign: your creative, informative and inspirational presentations were imperative with increasing awareness of hunger and poverty issues. The 'drum beats' and uplifting choral voices definitely energized our steps and found many of us 'dancin in the street.'

      Additional gratitude to the many loyal volunteers that help make this all happen!  Thanks to my team members, the many recruiters and pastors, those assisting with registration, crossing guards, selling T-shirts, photographers and our bus driver-Lakshman.

      AND! what an honor and joy to have Rev. McCullough and John Dolon spend the afternoon with us!  I am pleased that many of you were able to speak with both of them before and during the Walk.  They truly enjoyed participating and sharing the afternoon with us.  I've already invited both back next year. :)

      We were also honored to have Steve Kay, City Councilman, present Mayor Gray's Walk Day Proclamation to us.  We also received recognition from Gov. Beshear!

      At this time, we are still working toward reaching our collective goal of $25,000. To date, nearly 68% achieved!  Since the online donation site ( is available through March 2015, do share your Thanksgiving and Christmas Blessings with our neighbors, near and far. Ask your family and friends to also honor those in need with a donation to Greater Lex. CROP Hunger Walk. Thank You!

     Next Year----Sunday, Sept. 27th!

     With Gratitude, Peace, Joy and Love,
     Judy Maxson