Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Continuing the Mission in 2015

  "When you are hungry, you can't think of anything else."
  Janie Mendez, 17

       We know that hunger does exist in all of our KY communities and around the world. For many adults and children, going to bed hungry is not a threat; it's a regular happening!  AND...YES! you and I can "do something about it!"

       How?  By working together with our families, friends and neighbors to increase awareness of hunger and poverty and to raise funds for God's Pantry Food Bank and Church World Service.  We will continue our mission to help end hunger one step at a time on Sunday Sept. 27th when we walk in solidarity in the Greater Lexington CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk.

       Last year we raised $19,435. We will work more diligently this year to attain our long standing goal of $25,000. We CAN do this! We have the resources in Central KY to make this a reality. As your Walk team begins planning for this year's event, we will be contacting the 30 groups that participated in 2014, along with 'new' groups, before June 30th. We are looking forward to working with each one of you!

       The Recruiter's Rally will be Thurs., August 20th, 7-8:15 PM at Second Presbyterian Church, E. Main, Lexington.  You will receive all the information and resources you need to promote the Walk within your congregation or organization!  Plus, we enjoy fellowship, fun and food. See you then!

       Thank You!
       Judy Maxson,
            Walk coordinator

Saturday, November 8, 2014

400 Caring, Concerned Central KY Neighbors Walk

     "Over the past 10 years, we have ended hunger for over 100 million people. We will not stop walking,
and we will not stop working until hunger is erased."
Rev. John McCullough, CEO/President Church World Service, in his step-off message to us.
      Approximately 400 caring, concerned Central KY neighbors walked in solidarity on a warm, sunny Sept. 28th for all of our sisters, brothers and children in KY struggling with hunger and poverty and for all those around the world suffering the dire outcomes of hunger and lack of access to clean, safe water.

      We were delighted to welcome many new 'faces' representing new churches and organizations.  Joining our mission were Walkers from East 2nd St. Christian Church, many youth from KCMC-CYF (KY Christian Missionary Convention- Christian Youth Fellowship) with their director Juanita Greene, St. Michael's Episcopal, St. Andrew's Episcopal, Twin Pines Christian, Greater Liberty Baptist, Transy Students, Suburban Women's Club, Highland Baptist-Louisville, Southland Christian and Consolidated Baptist.  Total 27 churches and 3 organizations!

      The Dime Collection Kick-off was a success!  Nearly $560.00 collected over the summer.  Kudos! to 1st Presbyterian Church in Winchester for collecting $105.00.  YES!  Do begin collecting DIMES for 2015...a few have already started, including me. :)  This is a superb, visual awareness and educational tool; especially for our children and youth.  Just having the collection bottle in view reminds all of us of our many blessings! 

      Abundant thanks!, Stacey Stone for coordinating the Youth Poster-Making Rally in early Sept. and the educational stations along the Walk.  Rev. Johns and youth from 1st Christian Church, Winchester, Rev. Sara and 2nd Pres. Youth, all the UUC members that played the drums, sang to us AND presented a station, God's Pantry, and the One Campaign: your creative, informative and inspirational presentations were imperative with increasing awareness of hunger and poverty issues. The 'drum beats' and uplifting choral voices definitely energized our steps and found many of us 'dancin in the street.'

      Additional gratitude to the many loyal volunteers that help make this all happen!  Thanks to my team members, the many recruiters and pastors, those assisting with registration, crossing guards, selling T-shirts, photographers and our bus driver-Lakshman.

      AND! what an honor and joy to have Rev. McCullough and John Dolon spend the afternoon with us!  I am pleased that many of you were able to speak with both of them before and during the Walk.  They truly enjoyed participating and sharing the afternoon with us.  I've already invited both back next year. :)

      We were also honored to have Steve Kay, City Councilman, present Mayor Gray's Walk Day Proclamation to us.  We also received recognition from Gov. Beshear!

      At this time, we are still working toward reaching our collective goal of $25,000. To date, nearly 68% achieved!  Since the online donation site ( is available through March 2015, do share your Thanksgiving and Christmas Blessings with our neighbors, near and far. Ask your family and friends to also honor those in need with a donation to Greater Lex. CROP Hunger Walk. Thank You!

     Next Year----Sunday, Sept. 27th!

     With Gratitude, Peace, Joy and Love,
     Judy Maxson

Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 Walk Day Info

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."     Margaret Mead
      GOOD NEWS!   To date, 21 Greater Lex. churches and youth fellowship groups are committed to taking a stand against hunger and poverty in our world, and right here in Central and Eastern KY, on Sunday, Sept. 28th.   Our goal is to raise $25,000 to help our neighbors, near (God's Pantry Food Bank) and far (Church World Service) that are struggling to feed their families and to secure access to clean, safe water.

Oxford Christian's 2013 Team
Oxford Christian's 2013 Walk Team

     MORE GOOD NEWS!  You and Yours can join this Labor of Love mission now! Go to or click the 'Donate' or 'Support a Team' links in the right-hand column of this blog.

Walk Day INFO:
  • 3 PM.  NO registration fee.  If you register on-line, DO bring your hard copy reg. form with you.
  • Bring your dime collection bottles OR keep until Nov. 1st and turn-in with remainder of funds raised.
  • Bring a can food for God's Pantry.  Protein foods needed--peanut butter, canned meats along with canned fruits/veggies.
  • Bring your own water bottle.  We are 'Green'.
  • Educational stations along the route will show our relative privileges.  Music stations will celebrate our unity to make a difference.
  • Unable to walk the 3 miles?  2nd Pres. church van will drive the route. 
  • Welcome our honorable guests.  Rev. John McCullough and Mr. John Dolon
     Many Thanks to our educational leader, Stacey Stone, for organizing the CROP Hunger Walk Youth Rally on Sept. 7th.  For more info:

     Much appreciation to Rev. Jerry Johns, First Christian DOC Church, Winchester, and his congregation for once again sponsoring a water station at the Pioneer Festival Labor Day weekend to benefit our Walk.  WOW!  the large glass bowl was filling fast with donated dollars when I visited their booth Sat. afternoon.  I loved seeing the CROP Hunger Walk T-shirt hanging from their tent.

     God's Pantry Food Bank 'kicks-off' Hunger Action Month on Sept. 1st.   "We are painting this community orange, the color of hunger, so Together We Can Solve Hunger."  The CROP Hunger Walk is one of their action events!  See and drop by the Food Bank to pick up your Orange yard sign!  Placing mine today. :)

     Abundant Thanks to all the participants, recruiters and volunteers that are putting their faith into action as we work together to share help, bring gifts of hope and advocate for ALL of God's children.

     See you the 28th!

             Judy M.

Here is our walk route for 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plans being made for the 2014 Walk

Greater Lexington CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk
Sunday, Sept. 28th.  Second Presbyterian Church, Ransom/E. Main
3:00 PM registration   3:30 PM--3 mile experiential Walk
Special Guests :  Rev. John McCullough, CEO and President Church World Service and Mr. John Dolon, KY-IN Field Director for CWS
         Interested in learning more about local and global hunger issues? Astonished that many of our neighbors worldwide do not have access to clean, safe water! Wonder what other problems contribute to our sisters, brothers and children living in poverty---here  KY and around the world? want to actively "do something" to help end it?

         YOU CAN... by taking one step at a time with your Central KY friends and neighbors.  Sponsored by Church World Service (CWS), the CROP  Hunger Walk is the oldest hunger- fighting fundraising and educational event in the US.  More than 1600 communities gather together to WALK in solidarity for those in need of basic, human rights.  We are a very diverse mix of faiths, cultures, individuals, groups, schools, organizations from 6 Central Ky counties that work together every Fall.  25% of the money we raise is given to our local God's Pantry Food Bank and the remainder to CWS to support the life-saving global work.  Rest assured, the work of Church World Service is based on a 'hands-up' model  (get to the root of the problem); not a 'hand-out' focus.  Discover

           The 2014 CROP Hunger Walk is currently STEPS ahead of any prior year!  There is still plenty of time to join the 'Water-Dime' Kick-off program.  During the past couple months, more the 100 bottles are being 'tapped' with DIMES to "help CWS bring clean, safe water through sustainable solutions to our neighbors worldwide", including Eastern KY!  A 16 oz water bottle filled with just DIMES equals nearly $100.00.  Definitely a fun, easy, promotional WALK tool for you, your family, friends, church, work, etc.  Everyone has a dime or two to spare! PLEASE, email me ( and I will deliver your labeled bottle(s) or mail the labels if you live outside Fayette CO.

           OTHER pre-Walk activities your organizing team (Alice, Anne, Stacey, Stephen and Suzi) are planning:
       Recruiter's Rally, Thurs. Aug. 21st, 2nd Presbyterian Church, Lex.  7 P-8:30P   Alice Rogers, God's Pantry staff, will be our guest speaker.
       Watch for your email invitation within next 10 days!  You will receive all needed materials, posters, church bulletins, etc. to promote your group's Walk.  Also, I will have T-shirts available at a reduced rate for all recruiters!  PLEASE, inform me if you are interested in representing your group and attending the Rally!  Right now, approx. 30 groups are involved.  We are the largest Walk in KY!

Hunger/Poverty Sign-making party for all YOUTHS. Thanks to Stacey Stone, our creative, educational leader.  More info later.

             Once again, my honor to work with all my team, recruiters, and volunteers as we plan for this year's exciting Walk!  We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming new groups as we grow this mission.

              Blessings with Joy and Peace,
              Judy Maxson, Walk coordinator
             "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. BUT, the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."
          Thanks, Mother Teresa ! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013 Walk Review

"They are to do good, to be rich in good works,
to be generous and ready to share...."

                     1 Timothy 6:18
       Approximately 325 caring, concerned Central KY citizens walked in solidarity at the Greater Lex. CROP Hunger Walk on Sunday, Sept. 29th for all our sisters and brothers, not only in KY, but around the world struggling with the moral issues of hunger and poverty.

       We were pleased to welcome many new 'faces' representing new churches and organizations!  Joining our mission were Walkers from Christ The King, Historic St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal, First Presbyterian, Southland Christian, Montgomery County Public Schools, Diana Evans School of Dance, Jessie Clark and Beaumont Middle Schools, and Costco....along with about 8 'walk-ups'.  WOW! Total 26 church groups and 5 organizations from 6 counties gathering to advocate for the common good of all.

       Abundant Thanks to Steve Wyatt and friends from Woodland Christian, Rev. Wendy and Oxford Christian members, Stacey Stone, her family and youth from UUC, Rev. Jerry and youth from 1st Christian, Winchester, 2nd Presbyterian youth lead by Lucie and Patrick, and Alice, God's Pantry for their very informative, creative, and detailed educational presentations! Your efforts and time involved with researching facts to develop your posters and brochures were imperative with increasing awareness of hunger and poverty. I hope each one of you received as many compliments about your 'stations' as I heard!

       As of today (Oct. 17), with several groups still raising/collecting funds, we have approximately $14,000.  PLEASE continue to promote giving to our CROP Hunger Walk for Thanksgiving and Christmas ..... and your birthday, Mother's and Father's Day, etc. :)  The online site is available through MARCH 14th.

       Once again, MANY THANKS! to my team, participants, recruiters, and volunteers that contributed to our most successful CROP Hunger Walk yet!   Next year's Walk: SUNDAY, SEPT. 28th, 2014.

Peace, Love, and Joy
       Judy Maxson, Walk Coordinator

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Be a Part of the Solution!

"One in six people are at risk of being hungry in KY.
We're feeding one in seven people in KY right now."
Marian Guinn, CEO of God's Pantry ....(from 9-18 H-L article)
     Every concerned participant in this year's Hunger Walk is feeling an urgency to increase our passionate determination to not only increase this community's awareness of hunger within our neighborhoods but to reach our $30,000 goal to assist God's Pantry and Church World Service.  The moral issues of hunger and poverty are well delineated in the article written by Tom Eblen in the Herald-Leader, 9-18.

     It is unimaginable that our government would even consider ! the proposed drastic cuts in our anti-hunger food programs.  The impact on our most vulnerable sisters and brothers---the working poor, seniors on limited incomes, disabled and yes, OUR children will be devastating!   If this travesty occurs, the gap between the rich and poor will be  'totally off the chart'. ....and then there are the global issues of hunger and poverty that is the cornerstone of Church World Service's mission. They promote food security with programs that empower communities with sustainable agricultural skills, provide water resources to grow crops, support nutrition education, etc.

     Be a part of the solution!  Walk with your Greater Lex. Community to advocate for those in need on SEPT. 29th.  Meet your neighbors at 3 PM (no fee registration).  The 3.2 mile educational Walk begins at 3:30 PM.

     I am pleased to announce that COSCO asked us :) "to help out with the hunger walk."  WOW!! GOOD NEWS indeed!  They will provide water upon your 3 PM arrival.  Do welcome their support, their arrival in Lex., and COSCO's employees that will Walk with us!  THANK YOU!

     Do bring canned meats, peanut butter, other sources of protein foods to the Walk for God's Pantry.  They will also have a display/info table on site.  Create a poster sharing why you are Walking, attached to a yardstick, to carry with you. We want people to know WHY we are Walking!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in just a few days!!
      Judy Maxson, coordinator

Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 CROP Hunger Walk Goal Set

"O God, to those who have hunger, give bread,
and to us who have bread, give the hunger for justice."

               Prayer from Latin America

      The 25th Greater Lexington CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk will be SUNDAY, SEPT. 29th beginning with registration (no fee) at 3:00 PM at Second Presbyterian Church, E. Main.  The 3.2 mile experiential Walk begins at 3:30 PM.  25% of the funds raised are given to our local God's Pantry Food Bank and 75% to Church World Service for global needs. Everyone is welcome to join us on Walk Day.

      Currently, 19 area-wide churches have committed to walking in solidarity to take a stand against the moral issues of hunger and poverty in our communities and around the world.  We were informed by Alice R. from God's Pantry at our recent Recruiter's Rally that the 2012 grant they received from our Walk enabled them to serve 27,000 ! meals to our sisters and brothers in need in Central and Eastern KY.  Our total funds raised last year---$22,444.

      Aware that our efforts DO make a difference, we are diligently working with passionate determination to reach our $30,000 goal this year!

      Our Online Donation site is now available and will be open through March 2014.

      Please review the websites of Church World Service and the God's Pantry to learn more about their programs.

      Judy Maxson, coordinator

Beaumont Presbyterian 2012 Walk Team
2013 CROP Walk Route (3.2 miles)